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The company Bearings Services S.R.L., legal entity based in Strada Dr.David Ernest, 1, Dofteana, 607160, Județul Bacău, Romania, with the registration number at the Trade Register 3884fd68c52afd5e3b0af747ff66d and of the quality, The terms and conditions are set out below.



Using the site rulmentionline.ro implies unconditional and full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. By using the site rulmentionline.ro or request a quote for products provided by Bearings Services S.R.L.

Each user accessing the site rulmentionline.ro and / or providing personal information through forms available on The site consents to its data being collected and processed by the Provider for the optimal provision of services as well as for marketing purposes, respecting and without prejudice to the rights of the data subject in the context of processing personal data, respectively informing the person data access, the right to intervene in data, the right to object, the right not to be subject to an individual decision and the right to go to court. At the same time, the User has the right to object to the processing of personal data concerning him and to request the deletion of data.

The economic operator Bearings Services S.R.L. reserves the right to cease supplying its products to any user and / or customer if they have violated any of the conditions set out in this Agreement.


Products offered through the site rulmentionline.ro is aimed primarily at Internet users, products that can be ordered against -post.

The provider, through its website, offers users and / or customers free access to a range of products and information including: bearings for the aerospace industry, bearings for scooters, ATVs, motorcycles or bearings specific to construction machinery and equipment.

The supplier also offers a wide range of products from various manufacturers to example: bearings for trucks, trailers, boats, or bearings for the entire agricultural industry.

The supplier assumes no liability if certain information is provided late. , are lost, deleted, or cannot be stored on our servers for any reason.


Specifications or the prices of the products presented on this site are informative and may be changed without prior notice to the customer and / or the user. Therefore, Bearings Services S.R.L. assumes no responsibility for any changes that may occur to the site rulmentionline.ro

The supplier does not guarantee that the details or description of the products or any other content of the site is free of errors or that it provides complete information.

Bearings Services S.R.L. does not guarantee the permanent availability in stock of the products displayed or found on the site rulmentionline.ro , which is why the company has the right not to deliver in part or in full a certain order if certain products are no longer in the current offer or are not available for other reasons.

The products sold through our platform are new, in the original packaging of the manufacturer. Also, until the invoice is issued, which takes the place of the contract between Bearings Services S.R.L. and the customer, both the price and the technical specifications do not represent any contractual obligation and may be subject to change, only with telephone notice and customer agreement. >

The supplier is exempt from warranty or this may be voided in the following situations:

  • The product was not purchased from our site rulmentionline.ro
  • The product was not mounted in a specialist workshop / service authorized by the RAR or the vehicle manufacturer. Wrongly chosen or used for a purpose other than that specified in the manufacturer's catalog.
  • The product shows signs of bumps, scratches, bends, tears or deformations.

General conditions for the return of purchased products

  • The products you wish to return must be in the same condition as you received them. >
  • Products must be returned It is in the same packaging (box) in which they were received.
  • Products must be returned with all accessories / gifts received as appropriate.
  • If you have purchased more than one product with the same code, only all products are accepted for return if one of them has been unsealed and the others are intact.
  • Returns must be made with all original labels intact, original warranty certificate and all documents that were
  • No return is allowed for products that have been subject to unauthorized intervention, those that show signs of wear or excessive use, scratches, chipping, bumps, shocks, paints, drawings, markings, inscriptions , installation traces (correct / incorrect).

To avoid any inconvenience, please request the price offer directly from the site to enter the required data correctly, as well as the quantity of products or contact us at +40741956772 .


User has an obligation to provide real and correct information about his person, when this information is required for him to place an order or to fill in the contact form. If we suspect that this information is not true, we reserve the right to restrict that user's access to any of the products or services we offer.

None user and / or customer is not allowed to use an automatic or manual device to monitor the materials available on the site. The information is stored on servers owned or leased by the company, access to any unauthorized user is prohibited. In case of attempt and / or access, without right, of these servers, the deed constitutes a crime and is punished according to the Romanian legislation in force.

All civil and criminal liability for the information published and / or transmitted on the Internet by the user, as well as for the consequences that may arise as a result of these activities, is the sole responsibility of the user.

All users and / or site customers rulmentionline.ro have the obligation not to provide false or erroneous information about the functionality and the cost of the products or their characteristics.


The owner owns full and complete rights to the title and thus all copyright and patent rights. You may not redistribute, sell, decompile, disassemble, copy, copy the software in any form that is perceptible to humans. Bearings Services S.R.L. will not transfer ownership of the Software product.

All products or informational data found on this site are the property of the supplier, which reserves the right to modify and update the content, products, offers and / or structure of the site at any time and without prior notice to customers / users.


All site content rulmentionline.ro , the content means both images, texts, graphics, links and any other audio-visual content, as well as the graphic design, source code and any other data and information belong to the company Bearings Services S.R.L.

This information is protected under copyright law no. 8/1996, Government Emergency Ordinance 123/2005 and Law 329/2006, which concern the right of intellectual and industrial property. Information published on rulmentionline.ro cannot be transmitted or copied by any method without the written consent of the representative provider. Failure to comply with these conditions is punishable under applicable law.

Access to and use of the site rulmentionline.ro are free and are intended to help users and / or customers to find the information they need in the quickest and easiest way possible, according to their individual requirements.

any right or license to use any of the information on the site or any intellectual / industrial property rights over the products ordered from the site.

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